Airbus Defence and Space

Airbus Defence and Space GmbH and Airbus DS SAS are belonging to the Airbus Group.

Airbus Group is a global pioneer in aeronautics, space and defence-related services, creating cutting-edge technology (138,622 employees).

Airbus Defence and Space is Europe’s No. 1 defence and space company, with revenues of approximately €14 billion per year. Airbus Defence and Space brings together a wide portfolio to continue to meet the complex needs of its customers, contribute to nations’ defence and security, and secure Europe’s sovereign and independent access to space.

Airbus Defence and Space is well placed to play a leading role in the markets for future unmanned aerial systems (UAS), as well as combat, transport and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft (ISR). Some of the products armed forces can rely on are the swing-role combat aircraft Eurofighter Typhoon, the multi-role military airlifter A400M and the multi-role transport and tanker aircraft A330 MRTT.

With its unique expertise in commercial launchers, satellites and orbital systems, Airbus Defence and Space also serves institutional customers like the European Space Agency (ESA), national civil and defence agencies, and commercial customers. Its portfolio contains the high-power, dual-launch Ariane 5 launcher and major contributions to the International Space Station (ISS) such as the Columbus laboratory.

The Division also develops Earth observation, navigation and science satellites, and communications satellites for telephone, television and internet services. In 2014, Airbus Defence and Space took part of one of the biggest milestones of the decade, when Rosetta's probe, Philae, landed for the first time in history, on the surface of a comet, after ten years of journey.

In the domain of satellite and terrestrial communication systems, intelligence and security, Airbus Defence and Space offers innovative and modular solutions to best serve governments, defence institutions, security and public safety agencies, oil and gas organisations, and commercial customers.

The Division also provides high-performance equipment for defense and security markets, including radars and Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) systems, electronic warfare sensors and systems, avionics, space platform and payload electronics, and optronics.

The DAHLIA project is involving teams from the Space System business line of Airbus Defence and Space, and more precisely from the Space Equipment organization.

Airbus Defence and Space Space Equipment is present in 5 countries and on 8 sites, it is having in 2015 a headcount of 1,300 employees.

The organisation has a long history of successful development of space equipment and System-On-Chip components. It covers the fields of Avionics, Power Electronics, Power-Solar Array, Data Handling and Testing.

Involvement in the project

Airbus DS GmbH, through its Digital Engineering department will jointly participate into the SoC Requirements Work Package with Airbus Defence and Space SAS. They will together consolidate the largest stakeholder’s needs for the Space applications of the DAHLIA SoC, including the needs derived from Airbus DS products roadmaps (driven by the markets) and the needs derived from the Software roadmaps. Airbus DS GmbH will participate actively in the SoC Architecture Work Package (WP4), it will lead the WP5 related to the design adjustment of the Airbus contribution to the SoC modules, it will also lead the WP8 related to the integration and the Simulation of the SoC. In addition, Airbus DS GmbH will provide the necessary support to the WP9 (Synthesis, Gate Level Design & layout constraints identification) and in the frame of the WP10 a contribution to the Datasheet. Finally within the WP11, Airbus DS GmbH will participate to the requirement of the evaluations Kits, will develop Software use cases, to validate the fulfilment of the needs for satellite platforms and payload processing and will run them on both the FPGA version of the evaluation kit and its SoC version.